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Bullet Proof Vests

The CoverMe-Seat is two products in one package. In one configuration, it is a premium-quality stadium-style chair with a self-supported back, a slim yet well-padded profile, comprised of rugged, water-resistant materials. In its other configuration, it’s a high-caliber bulletproof vest, made to save your life.

Using a remarkably simple patent-pending conversion process, the CoverMe-Seat transforms from seat to vest in just a few seconds. As a vest, the CoverMe-Seat protects your front and back with dual panels of generously-sized ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene, an advanced fiber providing NIJ IIIA-level protection, the best soft-panel protection attainable. 

In addition to the soft ballistic panels, which are standard on every CoverMe-Seat, the back pad of also contains a fitted compartment for an optional ballistic plate that protects the wearer’s rear against high caliber rifle fire.  We offer a durable plate made of layered ceramic and polyethylene. 

The CoverMe-Seat weighs less than six pounds, and can be taken anywhere that seat cushions are allowed: stadiums, concerts, schools and offices. This is what makes the CoverMe-Seat the most practical, affordable and effective protection available, even if you never actually put it on.